At the start of MSY 2021-2022, the DISTANCE LEARNING system was still in effect since the “Face to Face” Classes were on hold due to the threat of COVID-19 in the City.  The Department of Health and IATF, with the mandates from the National Government affirms that the classes can only be resumed, once all students and enrollees are FULLY VACCINATED.  At this time, the Madrasah Unit Office c omes up with a proposal to continue the DISTANCE LEARNING system to allow students continue their studies in Madrasah, through the MODULAR method.  Under this method, students from Kinder 1 to Grade 6 level will be given each a Module to practice Reading and Memorization of chapters of the Holy Qur’an, as part of this School year’s Classes.   Those successful students  who have completed the program receives a “CERTIFICATE OF RECOGNITION” for their achievement in the said program.  The activities commenced on March 26 to 27, 2022 in unison to all 42 Madrasah Centers in Davao City.   These will continue, even after the Face to Face classes resumes.