The representatives from the Local Government Unit of Island  Garden City Of Samal (IGACOS) made a courtesy visit at  the Madrasah office to conduct a BENHCMARKING of the Process flow and Standards of Madrasah System in Davao City.    Acting Executive Program Director, Solaiman M. Piang graced the presence of the guests from LGU-IGACOS and discussed about the information on the Madrasah Operations,  the Education system and Management of Ustadz,   Ulama and Staffs in the progression of programs, in accordance sto the EO 53-2021.  The IGACOS LGU Team addressed their concerns on the proper Management of Asatidz and Madrasah Centers in their area, where they have some challenges in promulgating the TRADITIONAL MADRASAH EDUCATION System in the Muslim Community and how to centralized the system that will help the IGACOS MADRASAH PROGRAMS.  The presence of the IGACOS LGU team is not new to the Madrasah Office Unit Most of The data that they gathered during their visit will be presented to the CMO-IGACOS for their discussion about how to improve and create their own Management system of Madrasah Centers, profiling of Asatidz personnel per community of their Jurisdiction.   LGU team from IGACOS would like to emulate the best practices and Administration processes from the Madrasah Unit Davao on how were they able to manage such tasks that involves technical aspects and legalities that would help them implement in there are of jurisdiction.    They will notify the Madrasah office for further assistance in the days to come and possible.