The Representatives from LGU-Saranggani Province (Madrasah Program) had a courtesy visit to the Madrasah Unit office on May 19, 2022 at 9:00am in the Morning, to conduct a BENCHMARKING activity for their feasibility study of the Madrasah Education System, Programs and Operations here in Davao City.   Sheikh Solaiman M. Piang, Acting Executive Program Director and the Administrative team of Madrasah Unit Office welcomed the Guests and Representatives from the “Office of the Governor of Saranggani Province” for the said visit and exchange some inputs as well for them to gather important ideas and learnings to how well the Operation of the MADRASAH EDUCATION SYSTEM that effectively promotes the grassroot education (Traditional Madrasah) on all Muslim communities of the 3 Congressional Districts of Davao City. The Madrasah Unit Office we’re able to provide “VALUABLE INSIGHTS” to the guests by sharing the best practices in terms of OPERATIONAL AND TECHNICAL METHOD, ADMINISTRATIVE PROCESS FLOW, ACCREDITATION PROCESS FOR OPERATINsG A MADRASAH CENTERS and HIRING PROCESS OF ULAMA/ASATIDZ in which makes the MADRASAH EDUCATION SYSTEM well recognized through out the region due to its efficient implementation in Davao City. The successful creation of Madrasah Unit by the City Government of Davao through E. O. 53 series of 2021, is one of the stalwart in promoting the TRADITIONAL MADRASAH EDUCATION for its preservation of the rich Culture, Traditions, Islamic Values and Learnings, as well working hand and hand with the government in keeping PEACE and TRANQUILITY as orderly as can be, through out the City.

The guests were in all keen of learning the methods and best practices as they know that MADRASAH EDUCATION SYSTEM in Davao City is one of highly regarded as the best Madrasah Education system outside Davao Region.  Other Cities would like to adapt this system for their Madrasah Programs and Education.