The “Traditional Madrasah Orientation Workshop on SEC and Feasibility Studies on DepEd Accreditation”  was held at GRAND MEN SENG HOTEL from 8:00am to 4:15pm in the afternoon, facilitated by the City Mayors office, with the assistance of Department of Education, Securities and Exchange Commission, Local School Board of Davao and from the Madrasah Unit office (MCDPU).  The said Workshop was initially planned last December of 2021 but due to some setbacks and health protocols, the event was temporarily postponed, Alhamdullilah (Praise be to God), the event was pushed through amidst of the current pandemic situation.   The event was graced by top officials from the City Mayors Office, Department of Education, Securities and Exchange Commission and Local School Board of Davao and participated by the Asatidz and  Madrasah Operators in Davao City.    The event was conducted in response to the mandate by the City Mayors office to provide assistance to the Madrasah Centers, Ustadzes, specifically in  improving the QUALITY EDUCATION  to the Muslim Communities.  While doing this, stability of Peace and Order in Davao City is achievable by preserving the  rich Culture, Values  and Beliefs of the Muslim Community.  Hence,  the City Government of Davao’s unwavering support to  the TRADITIONAL MADRASAH and its Programs paves  the way of ranking Davao City as one of the Safest Cities not only in the country (Philippines) but in the whole world.   To be exact, the objective is to help the  Madrasah Centers to be accredited to the DepEd standards, so that any National  funding and its projects will provide a budget to accommodate and develop the Traditional Madrasah as part of the DepEd’s curriculum in the days to come.