Mayor Sara Z. Duterte-Carpio recognizes that there is a need to improve the services provided by the city to its constituents, especially to the Muslim communities that longs  for a viable support for their needs (Medical, Food and Madrasah Education) which is essential to sustain the rich culture, history, values and beliefs of the Moro Muslims in Davao City.   Mayor Sara Duterte also recognized that  the  Madrasah office  section is hampered by constraints and challenges during its 17 years in operations after it was created in 2004, with its limited resources and budget on hand, it is inevitable that most of the essential service are lacklustered in terms of compliance and implementation.

          The main concerns in providing QUALITY EDUCATION  to the students is hindered by  lack of additional Manpower and Resources to sustain such needs in preserving the rich Culture, Beliefs and Practices  of Muslims in Davao City.   The TRADITIONAL MADRASAH is a conventional teaching system of ISLAMIC EDUCATION where it focuses in providing learnings on  VALUES, HISTORY, WRITINGS and READINGS and practices of HADITH (Sayings) of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) documented in the HOLY QUR’AN, as well honing their well being to become a better Muslim for the society and a Citizen of the City. Thus, in order to solidify and strengthen the support and services to  the Moro Muslim Communities in the City, the City Government of Davao have affirmed a provision for the Madrasah Office in relation to the “Presidential EO. 283 of 2004”  by  releasing the Local  City  Executive Order 53 or the “Creation of the Madrasah Comprehensive Development and Promotion Unit under City Mayors Office”  signed by City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio.  Under this Executive Order, the Madrasah office will be transitioned from Program  to a “Unit”, where fund allocation and mobilization of resources is now  fully  accessible for Madrasah office needs, as well the Traditional  Madrasah  System will be institutionalized under the technical assistance of Department of Education (DepEd), Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)  and the Local School Board-Davao (LSBD) which serves as the “Board Of Directors” of the Madrasah Unit office.

          With the signing of Executive Order 53, the City Mayors Office is optimistic on the execution of  Technical assistance and Resource Mobilization to the Madrasah Unit office,   so it can utilize and implement the much needed programs to the Muslim Community.  The insertion of Department of Education (DepEd) in TRADITIONAL MADRASAH Development in providing Technical support to the promotion and preservation of the grassroots Islamic education is a welcome development to the community as this will boost further the Asatidz capabilities in knowledge base,  creativity and ability to develop their Teaching methods, tailorfit to every  community, where they will deployed.    The much awaited enhancement programs that DepEd  will initiate is vital for the development of the teaching efficiency of the Asatidz, where they carry  out their duties and responsibilities as a MADRASAH EDUCATOR in producing  Quality Education  that will  help shape Muslim Students to be a better person as well, a “Citizen” that can contribute to the City’s  Socio Economic growth, as well to help  maintain the prosperity of Peace and Stability  amongst different sectors in the City, even throughout the Country           The Asatidz will have an opportunity to improve in terms of ACADEMIC DEVELOPMENT, where they can be enhance through Workshops, Seminars, even having a bridging programs that will entitle them to have and eventually, complete their Bachelors degrees in teaching.