Madrasah or more relatively what has evolved in the present times as center in every Muslim Community is guided by the principle of investing in the foundational religious education of Muslim children. By equipping the Madrasah student with the core knowledge and analytical tools of Islamic education, it is understood that they will be able to develop a firm sense of identity with his or her beliefs and values to better meet the social challenges of our times. Likewise, the Madrasah system of education seeks to provide the necessary intellectual framework and judgment to enable each Muslim student to make the considered and informed choice consistent to Islamic spiritual and moral norms.

Unfortunately, and regardless of the fact that the Madrasah System of Education has been introduced into the Philippine Educational System, there exists no standardization of policies being implemented. There is no uniformity in the subjects offered and curricula being utilized. Foremost among all problems faced by the system is an apparent disunity among Madrasah teachers and administrators.

Relative to Executive Order No. 283 which an order CREATING A MADRASAH DEVELOPMENT COMMITTEE recognizes the reality that the Madrasah development is hampered by resource constraints, impeding the system’s realization of its potential as a viable and complementary educational system for Muslim Filipinos, The City Government of Davao, guided by the mandates, has pushed to create its own local Madrasah Development Coordinating Council which sought to formulate plans and programs for the growth of Madrasah Education and to properly supervise the re-implementation of the Madrasah Program for Davao City which will now hereto be named as the Davao City Madrasah Comprehensive Development and Promotion Program.

Indeed, the implementing situation of the Madrasah System of education funded by the City Government of Davao is a manifestation that there is a need for the unification and coordination of all programs, activities and a standard for the operation of Madrasah Education to foster and sustain each local Madrasah system as a mechanism that can provide educational opportunities that will contribute to the government’s efforts to enhance lasting peace and equitable development in not only in Davao but to the whole country.